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Multi Room Audio

Solutions that will make you proud

If you want to spread sound to every nook and corner of your home, a multi-room audio system could be just the ticket. Most multi-room audio systems connect to (and work over) your home's wi-fi network so there's no need to trip over trailing wires, either. And we have outdoor options too!


Our Distributed Systems

Distributed Audio Systems allows homeowners to listen to multiple music sources anywhere in the home independent of other listeners. Your favorite CD can be played in the library, wireless stream music from a cell phone to the kids rooms, and listen to your favorite FM station all at the same time. No longer will you need a volume control mounted on the wall and everyone listening to the same music. Every room in the entire home can be easily controlled by a simple App on a phone, tablet, or in-wall touchscreen. Or with the press of the Entertain scene on a keypad you can quickly turn on your favorite playlist throughout the entire home as guests arrive.

H Customs Audio Video works cohesively with homeowners, designers, and builders to outfit your home with the proper speakers for each room. From In-wall and in-ceiling flushmount speakers to outdoor rocks around the pool each room is custom tailored for the most suitable acoustics and integrated design.

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